Thank you! 7 Things about me Award!

7 things about me award   This morning, I received in my inbox an e-mail about : an Award!

An award?


from DOMESTIC SUPERHERO! , WOW!, so kind and thoughtful of her!

Thank you again for considering me!

The award is : “7 Things about me Award!

With this award, I have to let you guys know  7 things about me:

1-Mother to a 15 month old boy (Nat) and wife-to-be to a charming man

nowathomemom 7 things about me award  2-I love to read chick-lit and romantic books! (Love authors: Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes)

3-I collect pretty-leather journals (mostly from Indigo store)

4-Love and crave chocolate every day! (not kidding!)

5-Love puppies (I have 2 : Angel and Damon)

Puppies walking

6-I only like white crisp sheets for my bedroom

7-Friday nights, I love to watch romantic movies with my hubby in pajamas and some delicious chocolate.

Now, these are the 7 great bloggers, that I am passing on the nominations to:


A Detailed House




The Little Red Horse

Cape Cod Dreams


. Thank the blogger who nominated you (because you’re ever so polite).

. Tell everyone 7 things about yourself (because everyone is dying to know what makes you tick).

. Choose 7 other blogs (or however many you want because, let’s face it, bloggers make their own rules) you think deserve the award and post on their page that they’ve been nominated!

Thank you again DOMESTIC SUPERHERO! & To those I nominated I think you guys really deserve it! 🙂



  1. omg we are so much alike! I am reading a Marian Keyes book right now!! I also loooove Jennifer Wiener and Jen Lancaster!

    • Oh! wow! I really love Marian Keyes books. If you don’t mind me asking which book of hers are you reading now? This is really funny because, I’m reading a book from book from Jennifer Wiener “Good in bed” and planning on getting the next one “Certain girls”, she’s a good writer! 🙂

      • Certain Girls is really good! I really liked her more recent Fly Away Home and Then Came You. I am also halfway through her newest book, The Next Best Thing, but I had to return it to the library and now I am like 80th in line for it 😦 So I am about halfway through The Other Side of the Story from Marian….it’s good so far! So many perspectives!

      • Oh… Love that book The other side of the story… I love how it starts and ends! 🙂 Good reading!

  2. I LOVE your things about you!! Just so adorable, especially #7!! I better get to work…I’m terrible about coming up with things about me :-/

  3. THANK YOU! How exciting – I have never been nominated for anything!!!! Thanks!!! Very kind! I will post mine tomorrow!!!

  4. Congradulation for your nomination girl

  5. Happy to have nominated you! I really like your blog! 🙂 glad you are happy too!:-)


  1. […] fun – I was nominated for an Award! Thank you so much to my new blog friend over at Now at Home Mom for thinking of me!! This is my first blog nomination, so it makes me a little […]

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