Pumpkin Cheesecake

pumpkin cupcakes

     Believe it or not, I had never tasted pumpkin pie before and the idea never seemed very appealing to me. Most of the blogs I follow, have mentioned pumpkins this month in some dish or dessert, they all look delicious, so I thought, why not try one myself. Turns out well, I remember seeing […]

IKEA BILLY Bookcase Revamped (simple and small DIY projects)

Step by Step IKEA Billy bookcase

  IKEA BILLY BOOKCASE Revamped We are back home! We came back to our house last Friday afternoon, after three, almost four weeks of kitchen renovation. So, my old habits came back too, looking to decorate with inexpensive accessories and attempt simple and small DIY projects around the house. In this post, I will show […]

Giant cupcake

Giant cupcake

Just want to share with you guys some pictures of this giant cupcake, I baked yesterday! Last weekend, I bought this giant Wilton cupcake pan from Sears, I tried it with Duncan Hans cake mix (white and chocolate). I love how it turned out. I will be using this pan very often.      These […]

Apples dipped in chocolate

Apples dipped in chocolate

Last evening, I prepared this easy and delicious kid-snack for my nephew: Apples dipped in chocolate. This recipe took around 15 to 20 minutes to prepare.   Ingredients: . 3 apples . 5 oz. of hershey’s chocolate chips (you can choose dark chocolate instead) . 3 sticks (for the stem) . sprinkles Directions: . Wash your […]

Sweet mini pumpkin cakes inspired by Family Circle magazine for Thanksgiving or Halloween!

mini pumpkin cakes

    Last evening, I picked up a magazine “Family Circle”  from our local supermarket magazine stand. I picked up the November issue, the cover got my attention, with mini pumpkin cakes. So, I knew, I had to prepare it for Thanksgiving, coming this next Monday. I bought the ingredients and went home to prepare it. This […]

One of those days …

Running after a dog

My little boy, wasn’t himself this morning. He woke up mad. He’s usually a happy child with loads of energy, but today he wasn’t feeling great. Every day of the week, we follow the same routine: he wake’s up, brushes his teeth, drinks his milk, eats his breakfast, plays with his toys, plays with his […]

Choosing a new kitchen backsplash

Backsplash inspiration

OK, I know, I’ve mentioned this many times before in my tweets, we are having a complete kitchen and living room renovation in our tiny townhouse. The renovation should be over very soon, I’m at the point, where I can’t wait to see the final result, but we still need to wait a couple of […]