One of those days …

My little boy, wasn’t himself this morning.

He woke up mad.

He’s usually a happy child with loads of energy, but today he wasn’t feeling great.

Every day of the week, we follow the same routine: he wake’s up, brushes his teeth, drinks his milk, eats his breakfast, plays with his toys, plays with his puppies, if the weather is nice we go for a walk to the park and then takes a nap.

Today, was a different story, he didn’t want to eat, play or smile.

So, I made sure he was OK, no fever, no cold, not teething, nothing. Just in a bad mood.

Then, I tried everything to make him eat and smile, but nothing was working. I was a bit worried because he didn’t want to play, a mother always knows when her child is not himself. So, I took him to park for a walk.

Nat at the park



Nat at the park


Park during fall season

Then a big smile spread on his face, he wasn’t smiling at me. He was smiling at a beautiful dog walking in the park. He was so excited, he took my hand, so we could approach the dog. The owner of the dog, a very nice woman, let him pet her dog.

 Emma, the dog, was adorable, she liked my boy too.


I then, realized, my son was just in a bad mood this morning and he needed something like this to cheer him up!

No toy or TV show would’ve had the same effect as Emma, the dog, did.

As you can see, in the pictures below, he was running after his new friend, when they left:


Running after a dog

Running after a dog

Now, I feel better because he is better. He played in the park and we both loved it.

Exhausted of his big trip to the park:




Nat, taking a nap

everyone in our house took a nap:



Puppie taking a nap


Puppie Angel, taking a nap

Puppie taking a nap

Puppie Damon, taking a nap


Thanks again for stopping by!



  1. Dogs have a way to make any day better, glad your son’s mood has improved to his old happy self 😉

  2. OH MY GOODNESS – HE IS SO STINKIN CUTE!!!! My little man gets like that…I usually act like the worlds biggest clown until he smiles (that’s love for ya) ;-D. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t but I just keep on tryin. 😀

  3. So sweet your son!! love the picture where he runs after the dog!!

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