IKEA BILLY Bookcase Revamped (simple and small DIY projects)

Step by Step IKEA Billy bookcase

  IKEA BILLY BOOKCASE Revamped We are back home! We came back to our house last Friday afternoon, after three, almost four weeks of kitchen renovation. So, my old habits came back too, looking to decorate with inexpensive accessories and attempt simple and small DIY projects around the house. In this post, I will show […]

DIY Grow chart

            My son is growing up, I don’t see it because I’m with him 24/7 Last week, I searched Toy’s R’us website (cute designs) and the web for a grow chart to start tracking his growth, there are so many of them and I loved how many moms out there […]

DIY Chalkboard

DIY chalkboard

Last week, my son took one of my pencils and started writing on my kitchen pantry. At first, I was upset. Then, I realized I finally had an excuse to create my chalkboard with chalkboard paint (a DIY project I always wanted to try). So, I started thinking about it. I browsed the web for […]

Reclaimed my old brown IKEA LEKSVIK desk

IKEA LEKSVIK desk with Asian inspired garden stool double-duty desk nightstand

After reading and looking at the beautiful pictures on “DOMESTIC SUPERHERO”’s blog : DIY Dresser Refinishing! ,  I was inspired to reclaim my old brown IKEA LEKSVIK desk into a pretty white desk that sits now in my bedroom as a double-duty desk/night-stand. On her post, DOMESTIC SUPERHERO provides us with all the details and […]