Still Blogging

  Hi Guys, You might be surprised to receive an e-mail from my blog! 🙂 You might have wondered what happened to “now at home mom”? Well, last October, I decided to go self-hosted! YAY! It was not easy and I’m still figuring things out. I’ve been wanting to write a post about self-hosting, I […]

Enjoying these sunny days of September

Family enjoying September 2012

Just couldn’t resist, posting these pictures of us enjoying these beautiful sunny days of September. This morning, we all enjoyed our yard: my son playing, my hub soaking up some sun before leaving for work and me in the middle of a DIY project that I will be posting very soon. I love September, so […]

Thank you! 7 Things about me Award!

7 things about me award

   This morning, I received in my inbox an e-mail about : an Award! An award? YES! from DOMESTIC SUPERHERO! , WOW!, so kind and thoughtful of her! Thank you again for considering me! The award is : “7 Things about me Award!” With this award, I have to let you guys know  7 things […]

Transformation of my two old lamps into “matchy-matchy” lamps


    Remember my last DIY? When I wrapped fabric around a canvas? What about last week’s, when I wrapped wallpaper around a lamp shade? OK … so, today I joined both DIY’s  by wrapping the same IKEA TIDNY textile around two hand-me-down lamp shades (from my parents living room) It was simple and easier […]

Mini-canvas-textile gallery for my son’s play room


    This is a small DIY project that I did this weekend: A mini-canvas-textile gallery for my son’s play room: My inspiration came from a TV segment that aired on Cityline last Thursday, August 16, the “Ikea textile event in New York city”. When Samantha Pynn (love her show Summer Home) pronounced these words: […]

The Before and After of my old wicker baskets


      Yesterday evening I decided to take on another small DIY project, I transformed my old wicker baskets into two-toned wicker baskets. This idea is from the September “Chatelaine” issue that arrived in my Zinio account three days ago. In their issue (page 20), they explain that it’s a 10-minute project “Just dip […]

The Before and After of my two lamp shades


      Now that I’m home full-time with my son, one of my goals is to do some DIY projects on a very small budget. Let me share with you my latest one and let me explain to you how everything started: Last year, I try to give my two basic lamp shades a […]

Happy that the new 2013 IKEA catalog is FINALLY here

Last morning I was really excited because before 8 AM (Montreal) I received an e-mail in my inbox letting me know that the new IKEA 2013 catalog is finally here.  (Yeah!) So I downloaded the free application from the App Store on my iPhone and started browsing. Oh … I love so many things … I […]

Let me dream with my DIY inspiration corkboard


      I discovered “Pinterest” !!! I know … I know … everyone already knew about this amazing website, but I didn’t  know it existed until only a couple of days ago. So I went and created an account and I love it, I pinned a couple of pictures that caught my eye. This […]


        Last night I was browsing the internet and ended reading not one, but many articles about “organization”, I know it’s late for spring cleaning, but I decided to take on a new small project … the “linen closet” I am ashamed to admit this, but my linen closet was not organized […]